To connect to a network of traffic sharing IF-IX, first of all, you need a physical connection. It is carried out at the expense of the Participant to the nearest point of presence of IF-IX.

The point of physical connection is determined for each Participant separately, so that expenses for him are minimal. Possible points of physical connection are both in Ivano-Frankivsk and in other settlements of the region.

The allocation of any number of 1G ports on the Exchange switch is free. The allocation of a 10G port on the Exchange switch is discussed individually.

To connect, the Participant also provides its SFP / SFP + module for installation in the Exchange Switch.

Interaction between the Participants is carried out according to the protocol BGPv4.
To organize the BGP interaction, it is necessary for the participant to have its own Autonomous System (AS) and the IP address block, which is appropriately associated with AS in the RIPE database.

Also, the IF-IX traffic exchange network allows its Members to use private transport (VLAN) between members of any of the points of presence using the 802.1Q standard.

In the absence of a participant in the autonomous system and block of addresses, the participant can only use the private transport service (VLAN).

The access rate of the Participants to each other’s resources when interacting with the protocol BGPv4 is limited only by the speed of the physical connection.
There is no monthly BGPv4 billing fee.

Terms of use of private transport (VLAN) are discussed individually.

To connect to the Exchange, write a letter to, which will include the company name, contact person, contact phone number. In the shortest time, we will contact you to arrange the details.